Bolio Double wall insulated glass coffee Mug

Bolio Insulated Glass Coffee Mug - RED

Feeling frustrated over your hot drink not staying hot enough over a decent period of time With a practical double wall design and ideal temperature retention capability the Bolio Insulated Glass mug makes for the perfect solution to help keep your drink hotter for longer.

We know that double wall mugs are amazing at keeping heat in, however, there is a major flaw with most double wall mugs due to the lack of durability. As these mugs are made of glass, little attention to the design is placed thus leaving them to be rather fragile What you get in the end is a breakable, flimsy mug. This is where the Bolio Insulated Glass mug differs from all others. With a thick silicone boot added to the base of the mug, you can place your Bolio Insulated Glass mug down hard on a rock, a tile, or even slam it down without breaking it With the Bolio Insulated Glass mug, you get a steady, firm, nice mug that feels secure to your grip.

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Bolio Insulated Glass Coffee Mug - RED

  • $24.99