Bolio Double wall insulated glass coffee Mug

Bolio Insulated Glass Coffee Mug - Black

If you like your mug as black as your coffee, this Bolio Insulated Glass Coffee Mug in Black is the perfect accomplice for a fine cup of coffee.

Boasting a magnificent double wall insulation technology allowing heat retention that keeps your coffee hotter for long periods of time, these double walled coffee glasses aren’t to be mistaken as “ just another coffee mug ”.

In fact, it's the complete opposite. Promising not only the highest quality borosilicate glass that maintains the taste, purity, aroma, and freshness of your coffee, it also comes with the advantage of bearing a thick silicone base giving your Bolio mug that sturdy solid feel. There isn't a double wall insulated mug that feels anywhere close to how secure the Bolio Insulated Glass Coffee Mug feels and you definitely won't have to worry about treating your Bolio double walled coffee cup like a delicate fragile flower!

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Bolio Insulated Glass Coffee Mug - Black

  • $26.95