Enhance Your Coffee Making Experience with Double Wall Pour Over Coffee Maker

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Coffee is not just a drink, it is a passion for coffee lovers. They not only drink it but they experience it with every single sip. And to enhance their experience with coffee, they try different methods, equipment and coffee flavors.


However, when it comes to coffee making methods, the pour over coffee making technique is the choice of the majority of the people. It is not only due the superior taste of coffee that is achieved through this method but also the coffee making process is fully under your control. Additionally, there is the flexibility of making the coffee of your choice.


If you are new to the method you must be worried that the process takes extra time as compared to other methods but it is not the reality. Actually, the process takes the same time; you just need to utilize the time. For an instance, by the time the water comes to boil, you can crush the coffee beans to fine grains. And after that, starts the pouring process where you need to pour the hot water over the coffee grains and the water should be added every 30 seconds. Thus, the process takes just 4-8 minutes.


Moreover, you are going to enjoy the process as the aromas from the coffee beans will enhance your experience. Actually, the process is highly enjoyable; not only because of the flexibility but also because of the equipment. If you have ever tried pour over coffee making method, you must be aware that special equipment is required for making coffee this way. This equipment includes the pour over coffee maker, the filter and the coffee filter basket.


Furthermore, due to all the benefits of pour over coffee making method, now most of the coffee lovers are spending on the pour over coffee equipment. And the manufacturers are making enhancements in the design of the equipment so that the users can have the best experience. The latest enhancement in the design is the double wall pour over coffee maker. The insulated double wall design has been introduced to keep the coffee hot for longer while the pot itself remains cool on the outer layer. The double wall design keeps coffee hot for longer and lets you enjoy every sip of it.


When it comes to filters, there are of different types- paper filters, stainless steel filters and cloth filters. Considering the quality, coffee taste, durability and the value for money, stainless steel. filters are the best. They let you enjoy the real taste of the coffee by extracting all the oils. However, if you are thinking to buy all these items you can buy them separately or can purchase the whole kit.

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