Brewing Tips

Decanter Instructions:
Step 1
Place the stainless steel basket (with paper filter) or stainless steel cone filter into your Bolio pour over decanter.

Step 2
The amount of coffee you use and the strength to make depends on your own personal preference.  As a starting point, we recommend the following:
  1. 600 ml (20 fl oz) of hot water (about 85-90˚C / 185-195˚F).
  2. 40 grams of coffee
Weight out the coffee and grind it to a medium fine grind.  Be sure not to make too fine of a grind.  This can slow down the filtration process and sometimes even block the pours of your stainless steel cone filter.

Step 3

Place your stainless steel basket or cone filter into the device.  If you're using a paper or hemp filter, then place inside the basket.  Fully rinse both the filter and carafe with hot water to warm the vessel and discard.   

Step 4
Pour your coffee grinds into the filter and give it a shake to even out.

Step 5
With a gooseneck kettle, pour just enough water to wet the coffee grinds and then wait a minute to allow the coffee to expand.  This is referred to as your "bloom" and will provide a more even water saturation during the rest of the process.

Step 6 
Pour the water starting from the middle and spiraling out to the side and then spiraling back toward the middle.  Be sure never to pour water directly on to the filter though, for this could cause water to filter out the side without mixing properly with the coffee.   For the same reason, you should also only pour enough water to just cover the coffee grinds.  

Step 7
Allow for each pour to almost completely empty out before repeating until your carafe has filled to the neck (just below the bottom of the filter).  Replace the basket (or cone filter) with cork lid to keep hot until you are ready to enjoy your new coffee creation.  

The brew period should take about 4 minutes.  If it is much faster then that, you should consider a finer coffee grind.  If the time is much slower then that, you should consider a coarser coffee grind.