No. 2 Cone Hemp Coffee Filter


PP Bag and Paper Label
3 PCS 100% Organic Hemp Filters


Filter Size : No. V60
Material : 100% Organic Hemp Cloth

Hemp Coffee Filter No. 2 for hario V60 drippers and all bolio pour over products

Bolio Organic Hemp Coffee Filter #2 (V60)


Hemp Filters are reusable hundreds of times and are great for making smooth, natural tasting coffee. Hemp and paper are almost the same in their ability to filter however paper tends to have an initial "paper flavor" while after the first use, hemp gains the flavor of the coffee and can develop it's own flavor profile over time.

Hemp fibers are also viewed by many to be the more eco-friendly choice:

  • Can yield twice as much as cotton in the same space of land
  • Uses half the water
  • Is fabulous for sequestering CO2

How to Use

When you pair our hemp filters with our filter baskets, the hemp filters are supported properly, easy to fill and lift out after your finished and especially easy to dry. Just flip the basket over upside down and put the filter over it to dry.  We offer both no. 4 and v60 conical hemp filters. Normally no.4 filters are not conical but ours are specially designed for use with pour-over coffee makers. If your not sure which to go with, we have found that the no.4 fits best in the Bolio Coffee Decanter and holds up around the top of the container really nicely instead of slouching down when full of coffee beans. 

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Bolio Organic Hemp Coffee Filter No. 2 Size

  • Our hemp cone filters are 100% certified organic
  • More then twice as durable as cotton and can be used hundreds of times
  • Eco-friendly:  uses half as much water as cotton
  • Is naturally mildew and bacteria resistant making it the ideal choice as a reusable coffee filter.  


100% Certified Organic         Naturally Antibacterial         Eco-friendly

  • $7.99

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