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Hemp Paper Coffee Filter

Bolio Premium Hemp Paper Filters

Bolio Premium Hemp Paper Filters In Reusable Box

The Bolio Premium Hemp Paper Filters are designed for creating that perfect pour over cup of coffee. Thanks to its hemp paper filter cone shape, the Bolio Premium Hemp Paper Coffee Filter works exceptionally well in extracting the coffee essential oils without letting any sediment pass through.
The result? You get a fine, smooth, rich, natural, and absolutely delicious cup of coffee.are much better for extracting the coffee without any sediment.
We're also all about environmental sustainability and our premium hemp paper coffee filters reflect this by being 100% biodegradable and unbleached. The process used to make the Bolio Premium Hemp Paper Filters is toxin free with high quality materials that are naturally antibacterial.
Our premium coffee filters are designed to fit perfectly with the Bolio Coffee Carafe and Bolio carriage as well as all other mainstream pour over coffee and glass coffee carafe brands.

Whats the difference between Bolio Hemp Paper Filters and normal white paper filters

The main differences is that bolio hemp paper filters are made use 50% hemp fiber in their construction. Hemp has a lot of special properties that make it ideal for filtering coffee. Hemp is much stronger fiber than standard paper which makes the paper much less likely to coming apart and making a mess and it holds its form better when wet. This lets the latticework of fibers filter the coffee better, especially the really small grinds resulting in a really clean and wonderful taste.

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Bolio Premium Hemp Paper Filters In Reusable Box

  • Bolio Premium Hemp Paper Filters are designed to allow for the perfect pour over style cup of coffee.
  • Fits all leading brand pour over carafes with the popular V60 size.
  • Works best when used with your Bolio carriage.
  • Unbleached Paper 


100% Biodegradable       Zero Sediment        

  • $14.99