Bolio Insulated Coffee Makers & Double Wall Glass Pour Over Coffee Carafe

Bolio Insulated Coffee Makers & Double Wall Glass Pour Over Coffee Carafe

Choosing the right type of coffee maker makes a huge difference in the quality of your coffee. At Bolio, we design our coffee makers for people who want nothing less than the best glass pour over coffee possible.  We understand the importance of enjoying your coffee after its made which is why we take into account all the key factors that go into making the perfect pour over. Our insulated coffee makers are able to keep your coffee piping hot for longer and without exposure to any types of plastic. Sustainability, enjoyment, simplicity are all factors that play a huge role in the way we create our coffee makers. So whether you’re looking for a glass coffee carafe, Chemex style pour over coffee maker, stainless steel coffee filter, the Bolio double wall coffee maker, or simply just in search of the best home coffee maker in the market, Bolio Designs is here to help enhance your coffee journey. After all, life is far too short for a bad cup of coffee!

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Bolio Insulated pour over coffee maker

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$59.95 Ex Tax: $59.95

Bolio Insulated Server - 500ml

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Bolio Pour over Coffee Kit - Hemp Filter & Filter Basket

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Bolio Pour over Coffee Kit - Steel Filter & Filter Basket

The Bolio6 Pour Over Coffee Kit with a glass coffee carafe stainless steel coffee filter, and cradle..

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