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New Bolio SloBru No. 2

Bolio SloBru Titanium Coated Steel Pour Over Coffee Filter No.2

Bolio SloBru No.2 Size - Brew-Time Optimized Titanium Coated Cone Pour Over Coffee Filter


Making great coffee is a balancing act that can be a bit frustrating. The bolio SloBru filter is specially designed to make the pour over coffee making experience as simple and straight forward as possible. Its almost impossible to do wrong. We built in a set number of exit holes in the outer layer of the filter that allows the liquid to exit at a very consistent speed. This means that the water stays in the coffee slurry for the right amount of time. The super fine, titanium coated inner mesh does all the filtration work. This makes the coffee brew for the same amount of time,  every time.  


Lets face it, we would all love to have enough time to sit down for 5 min and do a meditative pour-over, but life rarely offers that on Monday mornings when your late to work. You need your coffee, and you want it to be good, but cant stand there watching coffee drain. The SloBru lets lets you add all the water you need all at once and walk away to get your bagel out of the toaster. The filter will let the water flow slowly through the grinds and grab every last drop of goodness from the beans without you needing to stand there. This is particularly important for small coffee shops with a single barista who needs to take other peoples orders or a dad who needs to get his kids fed and off to school.


The word Titanium says it all. Bolio filters are Built to last. Your one filter can be used for years.  Keeping your filter clean and free of residual oils is a simple process of rinsing after every use and an occasional deep cleans with hot vinegar bath.  Do your environment and your wallet a favor!


Bolio's double wall pour over coffee filter is , designed to withstand the barista environment including being scratch resistant to steel spoons. Our filters have a stainless steel dual layer made with food grade stainless steel coated in the same kind of titanium that is used on the coatings for military knives and medical devices.  The inner mesh filter removes all residues while allowing more oils to pass through for those who like a bold cup of coffee.  The outer layer is laser etched in a beautiful flower of life pattern esign made for long term structural support, built to withstand repeated usage.


 The bolio SloBru fits all types of no2 size drippers including the Hario v60 and can even be used in conjunction with a paper filter to remove additional oils.

Convertible and expandable: Use the bollio SloBru filter with our premium table-top dripper cradle to get the maximum flexibility and ease of use. Imagine being able to make coffee at any table without dripping any coffee anywhere after your done.

Whats the difference between the normal bolio Titnaium "Flower of Life" filter and the SloBru?

The SloBru has a built-in flow restriction feature that slows the water down allowing for a deeper extraction by letting the coffee stay in contact with water for longer. The "flower of life" filter tends be more forgiving and flows more quickly which can result in less extraction but is better for users who use pre-ground coffee or who have a lower quality grinder with lots of fine dust that ends up blocking the filter necessitating more pathways for the water to move through.

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Bolio SloBru Titanium Coated Steel Pour Over Coffee Filter No.2

  • Reusable:  Built to last, your one dripper can be used again and again.  Do your environment a favor and save money on paper filters.  To wash, simply rinse with warm water.
  • Durable:  Bolio's double wall pour over coffee filter, designed to withstand high temperatures, features a titanium coated gold color stainless steel dual layer made with food grade stainless steel.  The inner mesh filter removes all residues while allowing essential oils to pass through.  The layer is a laser cut design made for long term structural support, built to withstand repeated usage.
  • Versatile:  The cone drip system is designed to fit your Bolio Pour Over Coffee Maker and all other leading pour over brands using the popular V60 filter size.
  • Smart Design:  Features a dual layer stainless steel design makes the perfect cup of coffee.


  • $16.99